Split Rock Outfitters┬áis a family owned and operated clothing and specialty products company in Acworth, GA. If we were super trendy we’d have some kind of inspiring message here that would hypnotize you into buying a bunch of our gear. Sure, it would be cool if you went crazy in our store (and told your friends, #sro #splitrockoutfitters) but the truth is, we’re just having fun being creative and making things that we think people will like. Our products favor the casual. It’s stuff you can hang out in. We like it. We hope you do too.

What’s in a Name?

In the spring of 2017 our family was particularly focused on the history of the Pioneers who trekked across the country during the 1800’s. Split Rock is a mountain in the Granite Mountains of central Wyoming. It is distinctive for a deep V-shaped cleft dividing its summit. With its unforgettable gunsight notch, Split Rock was visible to emigrants for two days or more as they approached and then left it behind them. Emigrants on the Oregon, California and Mormon trails (all one road at this point) found this landmark in the Rattlesnake Range a useful navigational tool as they made their way west up the Sweetwater.

Rising some 1,000 feet above the sagebrush prairie, Split Rock aimed westbound emigrants directly at South Pass, still more than 75 miles away. The relatively gentle landscape offered them a short, but much needed, respite in their long journey. In the early 1860s, the site served as a Pony Express station, stage station and telegraph station.

The peak has an elevation of 7,305 feet, and is located about 10 miles north of the Muddy Gap junction between Casper and Rawlins.

Photo of a distant Split Rock with the historical marker in the foreground is by Richard Collier of the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office